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I have been enjoying your music. Your lyrics are moving and the honest heart and feelings conveyed in your songs are touching. The (Same Place Twice) album has amazing harmonies and I love the sounds of Saxophone and Didgeridoo.

(Coming Back Again) The music and musicians skills have a good rock-jazz vibe and also a 80's-90's feel which is good to listen. I absolutely adore the wind instruments, and I'm really amazed at the beautiful melodies throughout by their diversity and expertise. I love "Southern Rain", your diction, sound and voice is at its best.

- Anyes I. Twilight Dreams Dance Academy Albay WA

Recommendations for Stacpoole Tutorials

These books have increased my understanding of the basics of musical theory and have helped me communicate better with my fellow musicians. I have met many in the same boat as me, able to feel but unable to read the music, Lyle's books are the bridge between the two written in layman's terms.

- Dean T.

For someone who knows nothing about music, this book would be a valuable aid. One is introduced to learning to read music step by step and the explanations come across clear and simple.

- Pam F.

I found the books very easy to follow. I recognise now how important music theory is to improvement with my instrument, yet how simple it is. I also found the style of learning enjoyable.

- Chris C.

With conventional music tutoring I was losing my ability to "play by ear" but with Lyle's style of teaching I learned so much about music theory without losing that natural ability and the additional knowledge helped me become a better piano player, able to learn new pieces and play alongside other musicians more quickly and easier.

- Chey R.


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